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5 Best Turntables for Your Collection

Vinyl records, like any other specialty activity, can seem overwhelming to newbies. Vinyl listening can seem like a technical hobby, due to the terminology like platters, preamps, and cartridges.

There are many turntables that you can choose from. You can also find the best deals on vinyl records from the most reputable manufacturers.

1. Audio-Technica AT-LP120XUSB

For many reasons, the LP-120 is the most popular turntable available for beginners. It is a great turntable model with excellent sound quality and a sturdy construction. You can also upgrade it in the future by adding more advanced components.

You can connect it to your computer to convert your recordings into MP3 files. It’s ideal for rare vinyl records that are still in good condition.

2. Fluance RT81 Turntable

Fluance RT81 sounds great, but most people love it for its aesthetic value. The high-quality wood-grain frame, and shiny metal parts make the Fluance RT81 a great value for money. This turntable, like the previous one, has a built-in audio preamp. It makes plug-and play simple no matter what kind of audio you have.

3. Audio-Technica AT-LP60XBT

This Audio-Technica Turntable is a more affordable option for those who love Bluetooth devices. It can be connected to your favorite Portable speakers without any problems, making it perfect for situations where cables may be an issue.

You can connect the LP60 to a stereo for authentic sound. Bluetooth is now technologically processed so that any data sent over Bluetooth will be transmitted accurately. Even though it doesn’t require wires to operate, the LP60 can be used by most users who deal with minor issues.

4. Rega Planar 1

The Planar 1 is comparable in quality to the Debut carbon Evo, but has more high-end components. A specially designed motor and an elevated rotating platter work together to ensure your record is stable and quiet during listening sessions.

This turntable, which is not cheap, is often regarded as one of the best, even though it’s quite expensive. It costs less than $1,000. You will need to buy an additional preamp separately for the Planar 1.

5. U-Turn Orbit Plus

U-Turn’s Orbit Plus turntable may not be for everyone due to its vibrant colors and transparent acrylic platters. It still has many of the most sought-after turntable trends: excellent sound, clean appearance and a very affordable price.

The Orbit Plus lets you shift the belts that rotate your platter, raising it from one generator to another. This is a great feature for turntable enthusiasts. Similar to how you move between longer, larger, and shorter records. It can also rotate between 33 and 45 times per minute.


Vinyl sounds better, and music lovers will agree. You may want to listen to the best music you have, especially when the rate of growth is at its peak. You should consider upgrading your record player. Even most musicians may not want to lose the best record players, which sound amazing.

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