How to make great notes in class 11th commerce

For students pursuing Commerce, the most important stage is class 11. It is important that students approach their preparation strategically. A good note is crucial in this context. Particularly, given the extensive syllabus of class 11th Commerce, it is important to prepare a note that can be quickly referred to. Many students find it difficult to take notes. These students rely on other students to prepare their notes. These students can still benefit from the following abstracts. Good notes for class 11th commerce.

Business Studies: Excellent notes in class 11th commerce It is important to take a quick look.

It is difficult to prepare notes for Business Studies. It is also difficult to prepare notes due to the topic’s theoretical nature. To cover all the important sections, it is necessary to read the whole book. It can be difficult to locate the most important parts of a theoretical topic. It is possible to make it easier by looking at the subheading and heading sections. These sections are easy to find at the beginning. These sections are the starting point for note-taking. This strategy is best for those with less time. Importantly, it is important to use special markings or underline technical terms. Commerce is all about using the correct term. These terms can be quickly referred to before examination by underlining them. A separate section would be better for each term. It also saves time and helps with revisions.Notable is the fact that these things can only be figured out if one has read the entire book. It will be difficult to understand the correct usage of these terms if you don’t. Therefore, it is important to read the entire book.

Economics: Statistics is the most important section 

Commerce students should be able to understand the importance of economics. The subject content of books can vary a lot depending on the publisher. Statistics is one constant. The theoretical aspects are the most consistent between books and books. This means that one can focus only on the Statistics section while writing the note. The theoretical sections are important and one should read them all. Particularly, the Indian Development section is important. Commercedge offers a free IPM mock Test. Good notes for class 11th commerce.It is crucial to note down the formulae when you are dealing with Statistics. These should be noted in a separate notebook. Formulae are essential for solving problems, it is obvious. It is important to continue to write down the formula and study each paper. You can cover everything by the end. It can also give a quick overview of each section.

Statistics does have a theoretic section. The good news is that the section is very small. It is possible to simply use the question-answer or questionnaire sections to quickly cover class 11th commerce.

Accounting: The key to accounting is covering all chapters

Accounting is a crucial skill for commerce students. From a career standpoint, the class 11th Accounting paper is particularly important. You may also refer to certain sections of the class 11th paper during courses. Clear understanding of the topic is essential in Accountancy. It is important to read all chapters. First, write a brief summary of each chapter. This will be useful after you have read the entire book. Particularly, it is important to emphasize the definition of formulas as well as journal entries. These sections should be covered in detail and accuracy. After going over the material, it is important to answer a few questions about the topic. This is important as it can be difficult to recall later. Do not confuse these concepts with the theories.

English: Focus on question-answers

Commerce students often forget English. It is not an essential subject for Commerce students. However, it is important to consider all aspects when choosing a career. Instead of preparing detailed notes, prepare by answering questions. It is sufficient to practice the chapter-end questions. For novels, you can simply read the summary and identify the key sections. Good notes in class 11th commerce.Entrepreneurship is a subject that should be studied. It’s purely theoretical. It is, however, much easier than Mathematics.

These strategies will allow you to effectively prepare notes for class 11 Commerce.

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