Partnering with Hengli for Sustainable and Versatile PBAT Resin Solutions

As the global demand for sustainable materials continues to grow, businesses are looking for innovative solutions to reduce their environmental impact. Traditional plastics have been a major contributor to pollution, and companies are now seeking alternatives that are eco-friendly and biodegradable. Hengli, a leading producer of PBAT resin, offers a sustainable and versatile option for various industrial applications.

Introduction to PBAT Resin

PBAT resin is a semi-aromatic, biodegradable thermoplastic copolyester that combines some of the beneficial attributes of synthetic and biobased polymers. It has good ductility, elongation at break, heat resistance, and biodegradability. PBAT biodegradable polymer is mainly used in biodegradable shopping bags, express bags, packing films, agricultural films, 3D printing, disposable tableware, disposable medical supplies, and more. Hengli’s PBAT resin products have excellent mechanical performance with good heat resistance and outstanding processability, making it easily processed on conventional blown film plants.

Benefits of Partnering with Hengli

By partnering with Hengli, companies can take advantage of our expertise and experience in the field of PBAT resin. We offer comprehensive technical support and training, as well as detailed guidance on storage and transportation. Our commitment to promoting sustainability and reducing the environmental impact of plastic materials ensures that our products meet the highest standards of quality and safety.


In addition, Hengli provides opportunities for product cooperation and wholesale distribution, making it easier for businesses to integrate PBAT resin into their production processes. In conclusion, Hengli’s PBAT biodegradable resin is a sustainable and versatile option for various industrial applications. Partnering with us provides companies with access to high-quality PBAT resin products, comprehensive technical support and training, and opportunities for product cooperation and wholesale distribution. By choosing Hengli, businesses can reduce their environmental impact and contribute to a more sustainable future.

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