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Why Choose GETO’s Aluminium Formwork System

GETO is a leading provider of new-type building materials, mainly engaged in the production and sales of aluminium formwork, self-climbing platform, and assembly PC components. With 10 production bases in China and Malaysia, GETO’s aluminium formwork system has been widely recognized and trusted by customers worldwide.

Comprehensive Aluminium Formwork System

GETO’s comprehensive aluminium formwork system consists of flat-tie, hollow section, aluminium formwork, and steel accessories. The system offers two options for wall and column formworks: embedded flat-ties or reusable flat-ties. The system’s components are designed to be lightweight yet robust, allowing for easy assembly and disassembly. Additionally, the aluminium formwork is resistant to corrosion, ensuring its longevity even in challenging construction environments. GETO’s comprehensive aluminium formwork system offers a reliable and efficient solution for wall and column formwork requirements, catering to a wide range of construction projects.

Features of Flat-Tie System

The flat-tie system is a popular choice for its lightweight accessories, flexible precision adjustments, and convenient verticality control. The smaller gaps between raking shores ensure better verticality of the concrete wall. Upon dismantlement of the formwork system with embedded flat-ties, there are no obvious holes left in the concrete wall. This saves costs for hole filling and ensures better waterproof construction quality for the wall body.


GETO’s aluminium formwork system offers a comprehensive solution for wall and column formworks. The system is designed to provide precision adjustments and better verticality control, resulting in high-quality casting results for concrete walls. The flat-tie system is particularly advantageous for its lightweight accessories and cost-saving benefits. By choosing GETO’s aluminium formwork system, customers can expect high-quality products beyond their expectations.

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