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Youibot OW12: Enhancing Semiconductor Automation with Advanced Mobile Manipulator Robots

The Youibot OW12 is a state-of-the-art mobile manipulator robot, meticulously designed for the specialized task of handling and loading 12″ FOUP PODs in semiconductor front-end chip manufacturing scenarios. Featuring a cobot equipped with an end gripper and vision sensor, Youibot OW12 ensures precise and secure handling of delicate wafers, minimizing direct contact and vibration impact. This article explores the advanced features and benefits of Youibot OW12, highlighting its critical role in enhancing intralogistics robots automation and efficiency.

Specialized for Semiconductor Scene

Transporting FOUP POD: Youibot OW12 is engineered specifically for the semiconductor industry, addressing the precise needs of handling 12″ FOUP PODs. The integrated cobot, with its end gripper and vision sensor, accurately grasps the FOUP POD at the upper clamping fixture, reducing direct contact with wafers and minimizing vibration during lifting. The composite robot is designed to keep vibration impact below the conventional standard of ≤ 0.5G for flat ground operation, ensuring the safety and integrity of the wafers. Additionally, the specially designed electronic shelf allows Youibot OW12 to handle materials from the robot storage position to the shelf storage position while monitoring and uploading positional information. This makes it an ideal robotic solution for semiconductor automation, significantly improving process efficiency.

Multidirectional Radar Detection Ensures Safety During Operation

Youibot OW12 is built on a P200 base chassis, integrated with multiple sensors and a Human-Machine Interface (HMI). This integration of an autonomous mobile robot (AMR) provides unparalleled flexibility and safety in automation solutions. The P200’s 360° plane scanning capability for obstacle detection and navigation is enhanced by two additional lidars on the OW12 for vertical plane scanning. This feature ensures that obstacles of the same height do not interfere with the robot’s storage position during operation, thereby preventing material damage and ensuring smooth and safe operations.

Flexible Deployment for Quick Start-Up

Equipped with the MOS – an integrated cobot control system developed by Youibot, the OW12 seamlessly integrates the cobot’s upper system and multiple end sensing control systems into its internal operating system. This integration reduces the cost and time associated with switching between multiple systems during deployment. The streamlined workflow and comprehensive log records of the entire machine control system ensure traceability and reliability of actions during operation. This makes the collaborative mobile robot OW12 a reliable and efficient choice for various industries, beyond just semiconductor manufacturing.


In conclusion, Youibot OW12 stands out as a groundbreaking mobile manipulator robot, designed to meet the intricate demands of semiconductor automation. Its advanced features, including precise handling of 12″ FOUP PODs, multidirectional radar detection, and flexible deployment capabilities, make it an essential tool for enhancing efficiency and safety in semiconductor manufacturing processes. By adopting Youibot OW12, semiconductor manufacturers can achieve significant improvements in productivity and operational efficiency. Autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) like Youibot OW12 are at the forefront of improving semiconductor automation with their advanced intralogistics robots.

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