Important Tips for Choosing a Poker Hand at  Okvip 2024

Hand Poker is an extremely important factor to succeed in this game. The goal of hand selection is simple: choose good cards to invest in and fold weak ones. If you only play with pawns, your winning rate will increase significantly. Go with a reputable bookmaker OKVIP Follow the entire article below to update useful information.

Choosing a poker hand is an important factor before starting the game

When starting a Poker game, you will be dealt 2 face-down cards and only you know them. This is called the process of choosing the first hand in Poker. After that, 5 community cards will be revealed on the table in turn in the next 4 betting rounds.

However, the factor that determines success or failure, or in other words “win or lose”, lies in the cards you hold. Your two privacy cards will decide everything.

Reality shows that at least 70% of victories go to strong troops. The reason is that all 5 community cards are used by all players, not just brothers. For example, if you start with a poker hand like AK (Ace and Jack), and your opponent has 8 cards, only an 8 needs to appear for your opponent to win.

What is a potential hand profile?

In Poker, each player is dealt 2 private cards, which they keep secret from their opponents. After observing their cards, players need to evaluate the potential of those two cards to go far (playability), and make the most reasonable decisions after flipping the cards (Flop).

This means you need to know how strong you are. For cards with high potential, it will be easy to recognize when it is the right time to increase investment, with the advantage in hand to win. This is a basic strategy in choosing effective Hand Poker, favored by many famous players.

When will a good trump card in Hand Poker appear?

In the first 2 trump cards, if you are dealt any pair, you have an advantage from the beginning on the way to victory. The best card to start with a natural pair is the AA pair.

However, the true value of the brothers’ cards depends on the rank of that couple. In Texas Hold, the best starting hand is a pair of Aces. In the Poker community, double AA is often considered a “dream” for all bettors.

Usually the odds of winning with a natural pair are the highest. It is possible to win without having to improve through the Flop, Turn or River betting rounds.

If you have an AA pair, your opponent will need at least two pairs or more to beat you. The odds of winning when there is a natural pair are quite high in the next betting rounds.

When an Ace appears in the 5 community cards along with your poker hand, you have a set of three Aces. The power of the cards increases, making it difficult for opponents to guess your hand.

The most common case of choosing Hand Poker

You need to remember that the ratio of cards being split into pairs is just an average figure. In most cases, the starting hand will not have a pair. To properly evaluate the value and power of poker, other factors must be considered. Below are some real-life example situations you can refer to:

In case the trump hand does not have a pair

If you have a high card poker hand, you have higher odds of winning. Especially, if your opponent’s cards are not linked to any community cards on the table.

For example, if you have Ace of Spades and Clubs and your opponent has Queen of Hearts, you will have a huge advantage. However, when you have cards in pairs, your odds of winning will be better than with just one high card. In that case, you will also have a good kicker to use when needed.

In case there are cards of the same suit

If you are dealt with 2 cards of the same color background, you have a chance to create a “Flush” flush, making your winning rate higher. If both starting cards are of the same color background, the chance of creating a bucket will be much higher than if there is only one card of the same color background.

For example, if you have 8 of hearts and 9 of hearts, and among the 5 community cards appear 7 of hearts, Ace of spades, King of hearts, 10 of hearts and 6 of hearts, you will have the strongest hand, the “straight flush”. If there are 6 of hearts, 7 of hearts and 10 of spades on the table, you will lose the straight flush but still have a strong straight enough to win.


Above is the entire content on how to choose effective poker hands at  Okvip. Choosing a hand to play has a huge impact and is the deciding factor in your results in poker in the long term. Hopefully through this information, you will understand how to evaluate good and bad positions, as well as how to choose a poker hand. Wishing all of you good luck.

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