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Improved Access Control with Value Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G411LX by Hikvision

Hikvision continues to impress with its cutting-edge security solutions, and the Value Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G411LX is another testament to their commitment to innovation. Packed with advanced features and seamless integration capabilities, this turnstile offers enhanced Turnstile access control for a wide range of applications.

Easy Integration with Third-Party Access Control Systems

The Value Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G411LX provides effortless integration with any third-party access control system using relay input. This compatibility allows organizations to seamlessly integrate the turnstile into their existing security infrastructure, maximizing efficiency and reducing installation complexities

Offline Function Configuration with Key Buttons

Configuration convenience is key with the Value Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G411LX. Equipped with user-friendly key buttons, administrators can easily configure the turnstile’s functions and parameters offline. This offline configuration capability simplifies installation and enables adjustments even when a network connection is not readily available.

Enhanced Safety with Fire Alarm Passing:

When it comes to emergency situations, the Value Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G411LX prioritizes safety. In the event of a fire alarm, the turnstile automatically drops its arm, enabling unobstructed paths for emergency evacuation. This critical feature ensures a rapid and safe response during emergencies, mitigating potential risks and safeguarding lives.

Valid Passing Duration Settings

To maintain efficient access control, the Value Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G411LX offers configurable valid passing duration settings. If an individual fails to pass through the turnstile within the designated timeframe, the system automatically cancels their passing permission. This feature enhances security by preventing unauthorized access attempts and enforcing compliance with the passing rules.


Elevate your access control with the Value Tripod Turnstile DS-K3G411LX by Hikvision. Whether it’s a corporate facility, educational institution, or leisure establishment, this turnstile ensures secure and efficient entry management, enhancing the overall security posture of your premises.

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