Roulette New88 – Experience the Hottest Casino GameNew88 2024

Roulette New888 is a hot product in the online casino lobby with quite simple rules. Each spin of this game will give members the opportunity to win valuable rewards. Join us to immediately explore the basic rules of the game and the best way to experience it.

Roulette New88 What is that?

Roulette is a game that uses a large wheel, inside there are numbers from 00 to 36 with 2 colors black and red. In the game, you need to predict the stopping position of a small ball dropped after the reel is started.

This game has taken the traditional casinos by storm in many different countries. Present,New88 Updated the game in the lobbyNew88 Casino online with similar betting rules.

You will admire the lucky spin along with the betting table with nearly 50 different bets. Here, we organize public prize draws and broadcast live on the house’s website. There will be a Dealer who spins and drops the ball then announces the results.

This form of betting helps you experience Roulette New88 with a realistic feel similar to a traditional casino. Each game session usually lasts no more than 1 minute. The results are also made public and the entire spinning process will be directly supervised by the bettor. Therefore, rest assured that there are no fraudulent operations appearing in this game.

Rules of RouletteNew88 Basics newbies need to know

Compared to the traditional version, the game titleRoulette At the bookmaker there are not many differences. When starting a bet, members will be given 15-20 seconds to think and place money on a specific bet. On the screen interface, all bets will be displayed.

Customers just need to choose a chip and then place it in a position that you believe will win a reward. At the end of the betting time, the Dealer will spin the wheel and a few seconds later continue to drop the ball onto the reels. When the rotation stops, the ball will fall into a small slot corresponding to a specific number.

The system will flash lights in the winning slots and if you choose correctly, you will receive a reward. In case the small ball is thrown out of the wheel or does not lie in any groove, the spin will be canceled. We also refund players’ bets to start a new turn.

Explore ways to play RouletteNew88 interesting

There are nearly 50 different betting options updated in this unique game. To avoid confusion, players need to clearly understand the rules for each case.

Inside bet type

Inside betting is a form of placing money on one or more numbers on the table. There will be many different doors corresponding to the specific reward rates as follows:

  • Single bet: This is a way to place money on a specific number box from 00 to 36. You must predict the exact point where the ball stops. This is the most difficult form of betting, so the reward ratio applied by the playground is up to 1:35.
  • Double bet: You place money in the middle of two adjacent numbers. As long as the ball stops at one of these two numbers, the gamer will win a prize at a ratio of 1:17.
  • Line bet: On the Roulette interfaceNew88 There will be displayed rows consisting of 3 numbers. You just need to move the chip back to the bottom edge of the row, if the ball stops on 1 of 3 numbers, you win a prize. Currently the odds in this format are 1:11.
  • Corner bet: This is a form of placing money on 4 numbers, you will place the chip in the middle of the intersection of these 4 numbers. If the result falls into 1 out of 4 points, the system will pay a reward at a rate of 1:8.
  • 2-line bet: This is a simpler form of line bet, meaning the player places money on 6 numbers. Place the money at the intersection at the bottom edge of the two rows.New88 1:5 bonus applies in this case.

Form of outside betting of RouletteNew88

Type of outside bet in Roulette gameNew88 Easier to win than inside bets so the reward rate is low. If you don’t want to take risks, the following options will be reasonable options for investment:
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  • Column bet: 1 column in the game will have 12 numbers, corresponding to 12 chances of winning. If you want to bet here, just put the chip in the last position (symbolized as 2 to 1). If you win, the player will receive a ratio of 1:2.
  • Dozen bet: This type of bet also places 12 numbers but in rows. There will be 3 rows and you place the money in the middle of the outer edge. Currently, the reward ratio for this form of investment is 1:2.
  • Red and black bet: On the Roulette wheelNew88, you will observe that the numbers are marked in two different colors red and black. Predict the color of the position the ball will fall in. If you win, you will receive a 1:1 bonus.
  • Even or odd bet: This is also a simple form of betting, guess whether the point where the ball stops is an even or odd number. Because it’s easy to play, the reward ratio for people who haven’t received it is 1:1.
  • Half Table Betting: We will divide the betting table into two different halves, from 1-18 and from 19-36. This type of investment is in the Roulette gameNew88 Also only enjoy 1:1 bet.

Instructions on the Roulette experience processNew88 exactly

At any time, members can access the online casino lobby to experience RouletteNew88. To conveniently bet, users are required to go through 3 stages in the following order:

Step 1: AccessNew88

First, visit the house’s homepageNew88 on the application you currently own. If you want to experience the Roulette game on a large screen, use a computer to access the website. However, you need to be careful not to mistakenly enter addresses pretending to be us. Best to find itlink in New88 new official or call the dealer’s customer service to get the link.

Step 2: Go to Roulette gameNew88

This game is updated in the online casino section, all 5 small halls provide playing rooms. Click to select the game provider you want to join then search for the Roulette gameNew88. If you don’t clearly understand the betting rules, it’s best to read them again and observe a few rounds of play.

Step 3: Place money and wait for results

Move the chip to a specific location on the table and confirm that the investment process is complete. Now watch the Dealer spin and release the ball. When the wheel stops, the system will flash lights at the brake doors.

If there is a bet you have placed, the system will add the correct rate to your betting account. Immediately after that, a new round of betting will begin according to the same rules.

Share some tips for playing RouletteNew88 nice

Because the betting system in the game is relatively rich, players will certainly have trouble when first experiencing it. You can refer to some good tips shared below and apply:

  • If you are new to playing, customers should invest in outside betting outlets. Although the bonus rate is not attractive, your chances of winning are much greater.
  • You can bet on even, odd, red, black or half bets using the folding method.
  • Do not bet continuously to avoid making wrong judgments due to prolonged stress. You should stop at the right time, to mentally relax and continue experiencing another period of time.

Game Roulette New88 still holds a special attraction even though it has been around for many years. You should visit our website to explore this hottest game. Surely all members will be fascinated by the colorful and surprising spins.

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