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Seekink: Pioneering Innovation in E Ink Display Manufacturing and Beyond

Only a few companies demonstrate the power of innovation as persuasively as Seekink when it comes to e ink display manufacturing. In addition to offering cutting-edge e ink paper solutions, Seekink shapes the future of industries including advertising, healthcare, and transportation with its strong R&D capabilities.

Introduction of Epaper

Electronic paper, also known as e-paper or electronic ink, is a display technology that aims to mimic the appearance and readability of traditional ink on paper. It is a type of electronic display that is designed to be reflective rather than emissive, meaning it relies on external light sources to illuminate the screen.

Seekink’s Impressive R&D Capabilities and Patent Portfolio

It is Seekink’s impressive R&D capabilities that make it successful. With 107 patents, the company’s intellectual property portfolio reflects its commitment to innovation in the field of electronic ink paper as well as beyond. Their patent portfolio encompasses advances in display technology, energy consumption, and customizable features.

Seekink’s research staff is a valuable asset. This pool of expertise, which includes more than 100 top professionals, fuels the continual innovation that has established Seekink as a leader in its area. The R&D team, as a source of creativity, concentrates on improving the already amazing e-ink paper technology and inventing whole new applications.


Seekink, a leading e-ink display manufacturer, offers innovative solutions in smart advertising, smart healthcare, and smart transportation industries. With 107 patents, the company’s R&D capabilities and research staff, including over 100 top professionals, drive continuous innovation in display technology, energy consumption, and customizable features.

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